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Your Emergency Medical Services (EMS) System

The Hightstown First Aid Squad is committed to the care of the residents of Hightstown Borough and the surrounding municipalities. Our primary response area is Hightstown Borough and between exits 7A and 8A on the NJ Turnpike. That being said, we have also provided mutual aid coverage to many surrounding municipalities. 


Here in Mercer County, our EMS system is broken up into two tiers, BLS (Basic Life Support), EMT's and ALS (Advanced Life Support), Paramedics. The Hightstown First Aid Squad is a BLS ambulance service. Mercer county's ALS is staffed Paramedics from Capital Health. During an emergency where EMS is required, a BLS unit will respond. If the situation requires it, an ALS unit may also respond.


  • EMTs utilize ambulances to transport patients from a scene to a hospital.

  • EMTs provide BLS treatment to a patient. This includes CPR, defibrillation, splinting, patient assessments, administration of oxygen, and the administration of certain drugs such as glucose and epinephrine. 

  • The initial EMT training course is approximately 240 hours. Additionally, continuous training is required to maintain an EMT certification. 

  • The Hightstown First Aid Squad provides a BLS service.


  • Paramedics are employed by major hospitals and often utilize SUVs that follow the ambulance to the hospital. This means that Paramedics will need a BLS ambulance to help them transport a patient. 

  • Paramedics provide ALS treatment to a patient. This includes the placement of endotracheal intubations, administration of intravenous drugs, and the interpretation of electrocardiograms (EKGs).

  • The initial Paramedic training course can be up to 1800 hours. Like EMT's, continuous training is required to maintain a Paramedic certification. 

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