At any given moment, a person may require the need of their First Aid Squad (Squad). Once the call to 911 is made, it puts in operation the response of their local volunteer squad that is staffed by Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s). Upon arrival, the EMT’s will provide the highest level of medical assistance, outside of a Hospital’s Emergency Department.


These professionals are made up of the men and women who take their position as an EMTs very seriously. They continue to train at their squads and attend classes, to maintain their skills and learn new techniques, so that they can provide their patient with the best care available.


However, our squad must have members to continue to provide care to those in need and without members, this becomes very hard to do. As such, the current membership of Hightstown First Aid Squad, is making their call to YOU, the citizens of the Borough of Hightstown and our surrounding community, to help us by joining our squad and becoming EMT’s.


If you are interested in helping our squad, you may contact us at:

Phone: 609-426-1512, or


We hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you,

The Officers and Members of Hightstown First Aid Squad 


“Serving and Protecting since 1935”

168 Bank Street

Hightstown, New Jersey, 08520

(609) 426-1512